About the game

Pojong is a polygonal solitaire inspired by Mahjong and Sigmar's Garden. Remove couples of similar polygons until there is nothing left on the table. If at least one half of a polygon's boundary is touched by other polygons, it can't be removed.

The difficulty is pretty random at the moment, sometimes it's almost mindless, sometimes it takes numerous restarts to solve a board. The more polygons there are, the more difficult it is, generally speaking. If it's too easy, try creating a game with more polygons.

Controls: Click polygons to select and remove them. Scroll to zoom in and out. Drag and drop to move the board.

About the author

I'm Anton Swifton, I make geometric games. If you want to get updates, you can give me your email. I will send emails about new games I make and major updates to existing games.

For bug reports go to github.com/swifton/Pojong/issues.

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